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I went to the seaside for a vacation last year. The landlady said to me, 'We charge twenty pounds a night, bed and breakfast- or twelve pounds if you make your own bed.' 'Oh, all right,' I said, 'I'll make the bed.' And the landlady gave me a saw, a hammer and some nails.

Customer: I'd like a pair of stockings for my wife. Storekeeper: Sheer? Customer: No, she's at home.

Mary was telling her friends about her new apartment. "It's fantastic," she said, "I can lie in bed and watch the sun rise." "So what," replied her friend Joan, "in my apartment, I can sit on a chair and watch the kitchen sink."

A couple of hikers were tramping through the countryside and had lost their way, so by the time they arrived at the "George and Dragon", the village pub where they'd arranged to stay the night, the doors were locked and the owners had gone to bed. They knocked timidly on the front door. A head appeared at an upstairs window and shouted, 'Go away. Don't you know what time it is? We're closed,' and the the window slammed shut. Undeterred, the hikers knocked again. 'What is it now?' demanded the head. 'Could we speak to George this time please?' asked on the the hikers.

While hiking in the woods, Nate and Sam found this huge rock which had an old iron lever attached to it. Etched into the rock was the following inscription: "If this lever is pulled, the world will come to an end!" Nate wanted to pull the lever and see what would happen, but Sam, being a paranoid pessamist, greatly feared this! He said to Nate that if he tried to pull the lever, he'd shoot him! In a daring attempt, Nate lunged for the lever, and sure enough, Sam shot him! What is the moral of this story? Better Nate than lever!

A man went into a pet store and said to the owner, I'd like to buy a pet that is out of the ordinary - unusual. The pet shop owner replied, well,I have one Rairy-bird left... The man said, I've never even heard of a Rairy-bird, that certainly makes it unusual!, I'll take it! So the man brought home his new Rairy-bird and soon found out that it had a huge appetite! It was always hungry!! Finally,the Rairy-bird was so big and fat that it wouldn't fit inside the house anymore, much less the cage! The man said to himself: I've got to get rid of this animal-I can't afford to feed it! So he rented a huge dump truck, put the Rairy-bird into the back, and drove to the edge of a high cliff. He then dumped the Rairy-bird out of the truck and over the cliff!! Thinking that all his troubles were over, the man was driving home when he suddenly heard this singing coming from the back of the dump- truck: "It's a long long way to tip-a-Rairy!!

One fine afternoon an elderly gentleman tries to get into his local betting office. Much to his surprise, the door is locked. After a few more futile attempts at opening the door a man sticks his head out of a window. It turns out to be the bookmaker himself : - Sorry, but we're closed today! The elderly gentleman promptly replies: - But there's a sign on the door saying : Open : 9 - 4, and it's only half past eleven! to which the bookmaker says: - But those are not the opening hours; they are the odds that we're open today.

Old lady (to street musician) - Do you always play br ear? Street Musician - Yes, lady, 'ere or 'ereabouts.

My brother was up in court last week. The judge said, 'What is this man charged with?' The policeman said, 'He opened a shop sir.' The judge said, 'And what is wrong with opening a shop?' The policeman said, 'Well it wasn't his shop sir.'

Two seagulls were flying over the beach at a seaside resort one boiling hot August Bank Holiday afternoon. Every way they looked, there were so many people there wasn't a speck of sand to be seen. 'Ah,' said one to the other contemptuously, 'takes all the skill out of it, doesn't it?'